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We understand that part of running a business is to not be afraid to put in the late night hours and deliver the work that is expected. Hard work goes a long way for your company’s reputation, but working hard doesn’t mean you can’t work efficiently. Here are 4 tips to increase efficiency in your work and your business.


  1. Detail: As a business owner, you want to get the word out there that you have a business and that it’s the one people should be choosing. When using social media, make sure you’re detailed on what services or products you can offer. A customer will often go with you as opposed to a competitor if they know what they will get from you.
  2. Observe: A good way to make sure your work and business are running efficiently is to take the time to sit back and observe how your day-to-day tasks are running. You will quickly notice where the areas of improvement are needed. If writing, photography, or design isn’t your strong suit, you can cut out the work and outsource through freelance. 
  3. Plan: Usually as a startup, you want to please all your customers and fulfill their orders as fast as possible. This is a good mindset but it is ultimately what will lead to your downfall as well. Make sure you plan all your projects ahead and are able to meet everyone’s needs within a reasonable manner. 
  4. Kahlo: Managing a business is a tough task and getting the exposure you want on social media platforms can be time-consuming. At Kahlo Creative, we can help you keep your website up-to-date, provide weekly content, and help you design and print all your marketing needs. Visit or call 562.366.3111
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