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Understanding SEO

Having a great search engine optimization is the best way to get new customers. Part of having a website for your business online is so others can find, view and ultimately purchase your products. If you want to have successful results online, you need to have a good SEO.


But what is SEO and why is it so important? Here is a breakdown that will help you understand SEO and how it benefits your business.


What is SEO

(SEO) Search engine optimization, is a marketing approach that helps enhance a website’s visibility on search engines result from pages such as google, bing, and yahoo. You have probably searched for things online numerous times using one the search engines mentioned.


Do you remember scrolling to page six or seven looking for the result you want? The answer is probably not. Research shows that 95% of clicks on a search engine occur on the first page of a search. Having a website with a good SEO can help you business drive in a lot more traffic to your business that will lead to more consumers.


How Does it Benefit My Business

SEO creates awareness for your website. The more people that know about your business, the better business will be. Social media does create awareness, but it is nowhere near the amount of exposure SEO will get your company.


Chances are you are not the only one that provides the service or product you do. Having a good SEO will help your website appear higher on the ranking list for search engines and make your website easier to find, giving you an advantage over others.


How Do I Improve My SEO

One of the main things that will help increase your company’s SEO is the content you provide. What makes things difficult is that there is good content and bad content. A search engine when looking at content sees keywords, web-links, and body content.


Good content and website strategy can boost your SEO and get you thousands of visitors. On the other hand, paying no interest to SEO can put your website far down search engine list where few people look.


A great SEO can bring a lot of benefits, but can sometimes be pretty difficult to keep up with and lead you far down a search engine. Having a strategy is key to achieving success with search engines. The content you provide will make the biggest difference.


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