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Has your business hit a plateau? Do you see one on the horizon? No matter which side you’re on, it’s in your best interest to keep your business on the upward trajectory. The easiest way to assume this forward motion is by hiring a marketing and advertising firm. Here’s how your company can benefit, no matter how big it is!

  1. An Outside Perspective 

What makes a company run smoothly is the passion of the people who comprise it. The hard work of yourself and your staff is the lifeline of your company. They’re so deeply invested in the company that they can get lost in a bubble. Hiring a marketing and advertising firm will give your brand a fresh set of eyes. In turn, they can supply the fresh coat of paint necessary for optimal growth.

  1. They’re Professionals

There’s a reason why your company has been successful all along. Your team is the best in the field. If the plumbing in your office breaks, what do you? You call a plumber, not your co-worker. It would be best if you solely focused on what makes your brand run smoothly. Let marketing, content, and social media fall into the laps of people who specialize in these areas.

  1. Hard Data 

Web presence is essential for the growth of small businesses, online retailers, and corporations. Everyone is battling to get the top of Google searches and Yelp! Reviews. Even more frustrating, no one has cracked the algorithms of these influential sites. So, you need to rely on educated guesses and hard data. A marketing and advertising firm can figure out your Domain Authority and Alexa Rating. They have the tools to decipher which Google search words are leading people to you and (your competitor’s) website. Plus, they can help you craft content that will engage social media followers and grow brand awareness.

  1. Everything You Need Under One Roof 

Taking on your own marketing can be an overwhelming task. It’s easy to take for granted the many moving pieces that go with building your brand. These are far too many hats for one or two people to wear, especially if marketing isn’t their specialty. You’ll need to hire individuals for:


  • Social Media Managers
  • Blog Writers
  • Email Campaigns
  • Facebook/Google Ads
  • Review Site Managers
  • Graphic Design


Not to mention, you’d probably have to hire a person to come up with the big picture strategy. However, a marketing firm already has all these pieces in place. You don’t need to worry about strategizing or delegating tasks.

  1. Subscription Services 

It can be costly handling marketing in-house. On top of paying salaries for the people completing the tasks above, you need to pay for the tools that help them do their job. Email marketers need access to tools like Sendible and Mailchimp. Meanwhile, social media managers need to keep followers up-to-date through Later or HootSuite. Plus, the graphic artist will need an Illustrator license, or at least an upgraded Canva subscription. 

Teaming with a marketing and advertising firm waives those fees. Even better, you don’t need to stress about shopping around to see which service works best for your brand or worry about figuring out the best deal. All of these headaches fall upon the marketing and advertising company.

  1. Boost Sales 

On top of having the skills to promote your brand, marketing and advertising firms know how to boost sales, too. They can implement strategies flawlessly to boost your online presence. Firms create eye-catching content and craft buzzworthy stories.  

Once they have a follower’s attention, they know how to nurture a sale. Partnering with a marketing and advertising firm will be a strong return on investment. They will capture the imagination of potential followers while hooking the ones you currently have.

  1. You Can Measure Results 

As we mentioned earlier, nothing beats hard data. It’s a clear indicator of what’s working and what’s not. At the end of each month, you can assess if partnering with a marketing and advertising firm works for you.

You will always be provided the latest Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report. So, you will quickly know if a company isn’t working for you. This benefit allows the ability to adapt your strategy for optimal growth.

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