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The first thing that needs to be noted about website marketing is, You need to have your own website. Yes, it might be nice to market your real estate company on social media, (here are some helpful tips to do that) but a website gives your business legitimacy/credibility. To explain, if you are trying to market your real estate company on just social media, the impression might be given that you do not take your business seriously.

Here are a few tips we have gathered on the importance of a website, and how to make it a great marketing tool.

Call to action buttons
One mistake that can be frequently seen on many websites is the misuse of a call to action button. Many websites have CTA’s where the button vaguely reads “click here.” Engage your visitors by providing more detail to your CTA’s. For example: “get a quote, or “Find Homes” provide more meaningful reasons for visitors to click through your pages. 

Update Your Website
As much as you want to stay current with the latest trends of your business, make sure your website is also staying current. Update your website so it stays functional, in top shape, and visually appealing. This does not mean a change is needed every day or week, but a periodic change can be refreshing and show your visitors that you are active. 

Create and stay consistent with blog
Chances are that whatever your services are, you are not the only one. The one thing that sets you apart is your blog. Just like on social media platforms, make sure that you are constantly providing content for your visitors. The best way to stand out is by providing original content that can’t be found elsewhere. This will help with your website’s search engine optimization, and direct more traffic to you. Additionally, original content will show knowledge and expertise.

Keep Subscription/contact forms short
Make them short and simple. If a form asks for too many mandatory fields, people will be less likely to complete them. In the case of leads, a form can be put in front of content such as a real estate listing. This might not make everyone write down their number, but the people that do might be more viable to buying a home. 

The main priority for anyone marketing online is to generate traffic to their website. Having a content filled website will help achieve this goal. With great CTA’s, simple lead forms, and an active blog visitors will stay engaged.

As an extra tip let your content be shared on all major social platforms.

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