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The best marketing tool that can be used to stay connected with your target audience is your email marketing. Even with the many new ways to market your campaign, email marketing is still the best way to get ROI. But, just because you use email marketing doesn’t mean you are using it effectively. Here are a few tips to help you email market effectively and keep connected with your target audience.

    1.Generate custom emails

Your clients shouldn’t be another number on your list so don’t make them feel like one.

Having a few questions answered can have your client’s newsletters generated towards content they would enjoy, thus making it have a personalized feel geared specifically to them.

  1. Schedule your newsletters    

You have probably been the victim before of a company’s newsletter being sent to you every other day or every week for that matter. Chances are if this is the case you might be annoyed and feel like hitting the unsubscribe button. Don’t be that business. If someone subscribed to you, they like hearing from you so don’t give them a reason not to. You can set up options to filter the frequency of newsletters a subscriber wants to be sent. They decide the space they want to be given and is a much better compromise than having a subscriber opt-out of your list.

  1. Readability

If you send out an email, you are hoping the person it is sent to take the time to open the email and read it. Having an overwhelming amount of content or a template with information all over is not the best way to capture the attention of the receiver. The best way to increase the readability of a long email is to break it up into sections. Make sure you use clear titles and subheads as well. A subscriber going through your email might consist of a quick scroll through to see if anything eye-catching pops out, and then click out and move to the next.  Clear subheaders will allow them to filter through the email and quickly read through what catches their attention.

  1. Make your emails shareable

People like to share things with friends, family, coworkers, and well everyone all over social media. Sure, someone on your mailing list can forward your email or newsletter to a friend, but the chances of that happening are slim. Having a facebook or twitter share button will make it both easier and increase the likelihood of your email being shared. The bonus of having this feature is that it will be shared to a larger amount of people as opposed to just an email forwarded to a few.

  1. Title

The most difficult part when it comes to sending an email is the title. If you do not have a well thought out and enticing title, then your intended reader will just look right past it. The last thing you want is to have your emails go unopened. Have a clear title that gets your point across. If you had a baking business and had new seasonal pies available an example for a title might be “Our new seasonal pie has arrived.”

The goal for your email marketing is to increase your number of subscribers and stay connected with the ones you have. Following these tips will help you achieve that purpose and keep your subscribers in the long run.


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