by Kahlo Creative


Content marketing is a big part of consumer engagement and will drastically help you attract the attention of your niche audience. In every marketer’s search to be new and innovative, here is a list of seven crucial tips you need to follow for marketing success.


  1. Social media ads are taking over the internet and can reach thousands of people instantly. Putting $10 or $20 towards social ads on Facebook or Instagram can boost your content significantly.
  2. There are many ways to get a website up and running, but the best exposure according to experts is still by having a .com webpage. Studies show that 84% or top-ranking sites have a .com at the end of their name.
  3. A great way to build traffic is to network and write guest blogs on popular web and social media pages. This will help you build traffic and add to your brand.
  4. Even with today’s instant messaging, email is still tied directly to many company’s primary revenue. Sending out newsletters and displaying your email as an easy form of contact goes a long way.
  5. Content is King. Blogging consistently as opposed to sporadically has shown to increase customers and followers on social media in 82% of cases.
  6. Update your old content with new ideas to give current insight to existing and new customers.
  7. Pay close attention to you social media platforms and webpages analytics to keep track of what type of content is working and what you might need to steer in a different direction.
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