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Facebook continues to be a dominant platform to promote business, your brand, and investments. With billions of users worldwide, the opportunity to share and engage with others opens up endless possibilities. The problem companies have is garnering enough engagement in their posts and profiles.


The hard truth many users have to realize is that people don’t want to hear about your products all the time (at least not at first). Constantly pushing your agenda towards your audience is like being bombarded with an advertisement.


In order to increase engagement on Facebook, you need to provide content that is relevant to your business but is personal too. Along with this, you need to know how to connect with your current and prospective audience. Putting all these factors together, take a look at 5 methods that will be sure to increase your engagement on Facebook.


1 Engage by Asking Questions

One of the best ways to increase engagement with your audience is by asking them questions. You can get a lot of things answered from your audience to better direct you towards the content they like. For example, asking thoughts about the local event coming up, who’s going? What do they prefer? What are they looking forward to? These are all easy questions to ask that will drive up post interaction.


2 Engage by Photos

Those old wise words of a picture being worth a thousand words cannot be any truer than on Facebook. People don’t always respond to text, but they do respond to a photo. A picture stands out and gets your message across much faster and to a larger crowd.


3 Engage by Strategic Timing

The worst thing you can do when trying to build engagement is to post when everyone is asleep or offline. Posting at the wrong time will bury your post in a Facebook feed and will not be seen by the eyes of consumers. According to experts, the best times to post are a little before noon and after 7 p.m. Although times can slightly vary in engagement, you should try a few times out and see what works best with your audience.


4 Engage by Call To Action

A call to action instills a need for your audience to engage. A great Facebook call to action is to tell your followers to like, comment, or share if they _____. Fill in the blank with a statement. For example, putting a picture of a sunset and asking your audience to like if they wish they were here right now.


5 Engage by Frequent Posting

This one can be a little tricky because you don’t want to be the overbearing person that posts too much on someone’s feed. The frequency has to be spread out. According to studies, posting two to three times a day has been shown to drive up audience engagement by 40 percent. Those who post more, on the other hand, receive a negative effect. A good rule of thumb to follow when posting throughout the day is quality over quantity.

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