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As a business owner, your website is one of your most available tools. It is a place in which your clients and potential consumers can learn more about you, your product and services and how they can benefit from them. But if your website is not easy to use, out of date, or takes to long to load, people won’t give it a chance.

No one’s coming

Just because you have a website doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be getting traffic. If no one’s coming it’s either your website is too hard to find or you’re not marketing it. Two ways to fix this, don’t neglect your SEO and start directing people to your website through social media, business cards, and email signatures.

Your bounce rate is too high

Are people visiting your site, but immediately leaving? This is either because they can’t find what they’re looking or your site is too busy, complicating their search. Remember, people who are researching don’t want to spend more time looking for their information. They want it in plain site – design a site around your clients’ needs.

All your traffic is on your homepage

Your homepage is just the front door to your website. Like in the above point, if it’s too busy or complicated, people don’t venture past it. Instead of cramming everything onto one page, keep it simple with clear navigation bars so they can find exactly what they are looking for.

No one’s signing up or signing in

You want people to sign up for you mailing list or fill out contact forms, but if it’s too difficult, they won’t do it. You have to literally put it in their face in order for them to sign up. Have you visited a website and the first thing that pops up is a form to submit your email? Have your call to action in clear sight.

No one’s linking you

Is no one sharing your website? There are two reasons for this, either no one knows about your or you’re not posting content that is worthy of being shared. One tool that most businesses miss out on is content marketing. This includes blogs, photos, or information that is relevant and useful to your consumers.

If you need help with your website, content creation, or anything marketing, we use Kahlo Creative, who has designed our website that is user-friendly, simple, and attractive.

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