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Having a great search engine optimization ranking is the best way to get new customers. If you want to have successful results online, you need to have a good SEO. Take a look at our list of tips to help you gain customers and climb up the rankings.


1). Organize your website by adding headers, sub-text, and call to action buttons. An organized site that is easy to navigate and read through is the best way to go. Strategically use links to bounce around your website.


The more page flows you have on your website; the higher a page will rank. Make sure that your site is responsive and up to speed. A slow website can hurt your conversion rates and overall traffic on your site. Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly.


2). Write your content for the consumers that are reading your post. Switch from informative post to fun ones. Keep up with the content you are posting on your website. Make sure your blog is relevant and new content is being added regularly.


The more content, the more consistency you will get with consumers. Make your blogs and products shareable across all the key social media platforms. The more exposure for your content the better.


3). Add yourself to Google+ and share your location with Google Maps. This is a win-win because your business/website will be added to google maps making it easy to find.


More often than not, if you add yourself to google their ranking system for SEO will reward you by giving you a boost in page rank. The easier it is to find your company the better.


Add these tips to your weekly routine and start watching your page ranks increase. For one-stop marketing solutions give us a call 562.366.3111


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