KAHLO is a creative agency with innovative, simple & effective marketing strategies, and ideas that incorporate the look and feel of your company.

We are Kahlo—a creative agency located in beautiful Downtown Long Beach, we provide marketing, print, graphic, web & content development services. Our philosophy has always been to provide successful, innovative design solutions with great customer service. We love what we do, we are fortunate to do it, and we would love to do it for you.

Kahlo strives to provide the best creative and marketing services to help your business succeed in this competitive market. We are highly talented, dedicated and boundless creatives. Our team is made up of designers, photographers, marketers, copywriters, out-of-the-box thinkers, problem solvers and we all love what we do. We love helping businesses realize their full potential without spending a fortune in the process. We are a small, but mighty agency and we understand business needs…and every business needs a great image to succeed.


Every client is unique. Whereas you may need help with a specific task, someone else may be looking for us to handle every aspect of their online presence. After years of experience and a wide variety of clients, we’ve built a team that can handle just about anything.


We Build beautiful responsive websites that will increase conversion rates & overall traffic for your business.


Custom Creative Designs that incorporate the look and feel of your company. Branding & Logo Design


We offer an array of printing and marketing materials, from business cards and brochures to large banners and promotional items.


We use the most current Search Engine Optimization methods to help propel your website to the front of search engine rankings.


Create brand awareness in an increasingly digital age. Reach and engage more customers where they are already spending their time. Let us manage your social media accounts


Attract more web visitors by adding Value to Your Website, Keep Users Informed & Engaged, Gain More Coverage using our carefully crafted content written to work with your business and marketing.


We believe in results. Goals must be set and all design and functionality updates must be implemented in connection with tracking systems to ensure effectiveness. Our success is measurable, and is based on our clients success.

As a fully integrated marketing & creative agency, we get all of your communications efforts working together to reach your target audience, engage, and influence. If you’re looking for a creative marketing partner that knows how to help you keep up in today’s digital world, let’s talk. We’re ready to help your business grow!


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How Can We Help You?

  • 320 Pine Ave | Suite 403 | Downtown Long Beach
  • 888.489.2671

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